Saturday, June 06, 2015

So much heartbreak!

What a gorgeous day for so much heart break. In the middle of the night we got word that our precious friend Amy Costa went home to be with Jesus, when her sweet sister Laurie text us. 

Just one day shy of being 7 months after Mary Elizabeth passed away. I struggle with this so much. I know where she is. I can easily picture the perfect soul she has always had in her new body. She is able to do things now she couldn't do in her earthly body. She's not in pain and no  more seizures. All that sounds so good but my heart hurts deeply. 

I selfishly hurt for myself as well as her family. I know that mommy heart pain now and I so wish I could take it from my dear friend Maryellen. I know the sibling lose pain and so with I could take it from my wonderful friend Laurie as she misses her sister so much. 

Maryellen has carried me through so many days of this Aicardi journey. I give her credit for saving Michala's life with her bold self. My prayer is to be supportive and loving to her and her family during this time and beyond. 

We love you Amy! We will miss you but will see you soon!

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