Monday, June 01, 2015

Six months on cannabis oil!

First off my apologies for not updating before now. My list of excuses would take more time than I am sure you want to spend reading. 

Six months ago Michala took her first dose of medical cannabis oil. Like with each thing and area of our lives we placed this in God's hands. We tried to plan it out the best we could with a lot of help from those God had placed in our path. Doors closed that we were saddened about while others opened that today we are forever thankful for. Because of God's perfect plan Michala took her first dose of Haleigh's Hope six months ago. 

Let me give a little history here. All cannabis oils are not made equally. As Mike describes it it's not like going into Walmart here purchasing Tylenol then going to Walmart in Georgia and purchasing Tylenol. All cannabis oils made from different growers are different. The plants are not the same. They do not contain the same amount of CBD/THC ratio. The lab reports are not the same and there are many more differences. Just because one cannabis oil works for one child with epilepsy doesn't mean it will work for another child. When we got to Colorado we were blessed to be able to get Haleigh's Hope for Michala. It has been her Miracle drug. We are so blessed to have found the right one for her on the first try. I know I have said that in the past about a pharma also but this is a Miracle drug without the nasty side effects. 

Before starting cannabis oil Michala had seizures every single day for 15 years. She had a year that she was seizure free while she was on chemotherapy for her cancer. Before that year she had seizures pretty much everyday. Since starting cannabis oil Michala has had 93 seizure free days! Her longest stretch was 6 consecutive days without a seizure. We know she would have had more seizure free days if we were not weaning her from some of her pharmaceutical seizure medicines. Once we get her completely off those it will be neat to see how many seizure free days she has. 

Besides seizure free days we have seen interactions we have never seen before. We have seen alertness, awareness, non-seizure laughs and smiles that are appropriate. Hugs that we have only dreamed of. Less aggressiveness and our sweet wild thing we knew was in there. 

We are so thankful to Journey of Hope for helping us get here. We are incredibly thankful to Flowering Hope for Haleigh's Hope. We are forever grateful to Jason Cranford for the help on this journey. The list is incredibly long for the others we should mention but I am sure to leave someone out. Ya'll know who you are. Thank you!!! Thank you to each of you who continue to pray for us and support us through this. 

Much love & thanks!


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Christopher Raley said...

Weed heals, politics kills. Demand full plant, safe access, and home grow in 2016! Call everyone! We have proof this medicine is saving lives!