Thursday, January 08, 2015

Cold in Georgia

So it seems Mike is being blamed for bringing the cold back to Georgia from Colorado. I for one am thankful for the blue skies, sunshine and warmth today in Colorado. I think the cold in Georgia is so ya'll will sympathize with me when I am whining about being cold. This too shall pass right? I have to say being in Colorado makes me more thankful for things at home that I too often take for granted. Praying God continues to mold us as He uses us where He has us. 

We adjusted Michala's cannabis oil recently to see how it would help. With the other formula she was still having wonderful cognitive improvements, better seizure control but still some break through seizures. Right now we are seeing some frustration and agitation as her body is adjusting to something new. Not at all unusual for her or with any type of medication change. We have gone back to a lower dose to see how her body responds. She still has plenty of room for adjustment if needed. We are hoping to see more and more improvement with this in the next few days as her body adjust and the medicine gets in her system. 

I am not sure how much I have shared about the specifics of what she is now doing on the cannabis oil. We have always talked to Michala through everything we have done, asked her questions even if she wasn't able to respond and had conversations with her. 

As we dress her we tell her what we are doing. When we put her shirt on her she would try to help put her arms in. Now more times than not when we get her shirt over her head she puts her arms in all by herself. She has never used her right arm much and had trouble getting it in her shirt. Now it's like she realizes she has a right arm and uses it. She even reached for her cup twice with her right hand the other day. Also when dressing her we tell her we are going to put deodorant on her. We help her lift her arms so we can apply it. Now when she sees the deodorant in our hand she will raise her arms. She sees it, the message gets to her brain and her brain reacts correctly. 

We have read and heard stories of how cannabis oil heals our brains and can help development. To see it actually happen is incredible. 

We have always given Michala hugs, love &'kisses and told her what we were doing. Now she does it on her own. Every morning when Marlee Anne wakes up she sits down in front of Michala and Michala wraps her arms around her, hugs her and gives her a kiss. Sometimes Marlee Anne will say squeeze me tight (this is something Granmama always said to us) and Michala will squeeze her. 

I am sure there are things I am leaving out. Oh yes! Laughing appropriately. Whenever we are watching something or Marlee Anne is telling a joke (if it's funny) Michala will laugh at just the right times even before one of us laugh. 

God is allowing us to see things in Michala that confirm we are doing the right thing. Days get long being away from home. We miss our family & friends. We miss our church. We miss our home. The saying "home is where your heart is" is so very true because my heart is in Georgia. No matter how hard I try, I think I will always be a Georgia girl. 

We try to stay busy so we don't dwell on Mary Elizabeth & Abe not being with us. Thankful Colorado has a lot of things for us to see. Thankfully they are free because two households in different states is challenging. Once again God provides through amazing people. So blessed!

We will be thankful to come home safely and legally with the cannabis oil when HB1 passes and growing has begun so that we can get the right cannabis oil that will help Michala, like we are getting here in Colorado. We will be even more thankful when children we know can reap the benefits we are seeing in Michala, that they so richly deserve. It's hard to know that this Miracle drug that can help so many is not readily available. It's hard to read about one of our friends suffering through seizures when relief is out there. We realize how blessed we are to be able to be here for Michala. We are thankful. 

Please continue to pray with us that Georgia does the right thing this year to bring all the families home and help so many other Georgians. Please reach out to your state representatives and senators to gain their support. 

Thank you Representative Allen Peake for your tireless efforts, incredibly hard work and huge amounts of love you have put into HB1. We are forever grateful to you, Betsy and Journey of Hope for changing Michala's life and giving her so very much! We love ya'll!!! 

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