Wednesday, December 24, 2014

We have been awake since 3:00 AM and my thoughts are all over the place. Missing my babies, missing mom, missing home, cold, overwhelmed by God's love and goodness, sad about Michala's seizures, thankful for the opportunity to try the cannabis oil, glad it is working for her, trying to balance life for Marlee Anne, thankful she has the heart she does, trying to learn to live life without our precious children, thankful they are with Jesus, thankful Mike is able to be here with us, thankful to those that have made that possible and so much more. 

Not sure how much Merry Christmas will be in the post but I truly wish ya'll a very Merry Christmas. 

Monday some dear friends from Georgia came to Boulder. They are a precious "C" family. They are the ones who show up at the hospital when you are inpatient at Christmas, they are the ones bringing dinner over, they are the ones dropping off cookies just whenever, they are the ones praying for the next scan way before it happens because they know your heart, they are the ones to text to see how it went and to make sure there is NED or no problems, they are one of the first ones to show up at the house when your babies have passed away. So of course they would be the ones to plan a trip to see us the week of Christmas knowing it would be a hard week. The distraction was nice as well as spending wonderful time with them. 

Yesterday was hard day for Michala. She had two bad seizures. One early in the morning and the next while we were out and about. So thankful Mike was there for them. He continues to be my rock. This morning she has already had two really bad hard seizures. It's time for an increase in her cannabis oil. Please be in prayer with us as we increase her dose this morning. 

Grace flies in tomorrow.  So thankful she will be here with us. That will help us get through these next few days, give us some wonderful time with Grace making awesome memories!

Christmas gifts have never been huge in our family but we have been blessed by surprises from others this year. It's been nice to be loved across the miles. The cards and letters are such a wonderful reminder that we as well as Mary Elizabeth and Abe are being remembered. Thank ya'll! 

Yesterday as we were walking around Estes Park right after Michala's seizure was over I received a text from a dear friend. I know she doesn't know just how much the timing of her text meant. She didn't know until then about Michala's seizure. Just knowing she was praying for us meant so much. Please never take the power of prayer lightly. We covet your prayers so much! 

Well I think this may be a long day for us all. Sorry for the random kind of mismatched thoughts post. Thanks so very much for the continued love, prayers and support. 

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