Thursday, January 22, 2015

Helping others

When we first came here the amount of homeless people were very evident. Marlee Anne wanted to help them all. If it were up to her we would have a house full of people living with us. We told her we would pray about how God wanted us to help them. 

When Abe passed away things within me weren't the same. The things I once cared about I no longer cared for. When Mary Elizabeth passed away even more of my passions died. One of those things that so many people have been praying about was crafting. I just didn't have the desire to craft. 

The night before Abe passed away my dear friend gave me a refresher course to knitting. I first learned to knit from the NICU Knitters who are the nurses in the NICU at Egleston. They taught me while Abe was in the NICU. After Abe passed away I could not bring myself to knit again. I could not even open the bag of yarn and needles that my friend Kati had given me. Kati continued to encourage me to try to knit again. You see Kati just celebrated the one year anniversary of her precious daughter, June's death. She  knows where I am and has been such a huge encouragement. 

I finally finished my first scarf just the other day. Since then I have made 4 more. I have decided this is the perfect thing to donate to the homeless shelter. I am going to do this in conjunction with Marlee Anne's UGA Miracle fundraising. If you would like to sponsor a scarf it will go to the homeless shelter in your honor and in memory of Abe and Mary Elizabeth. The money will go to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. 

You can donate at the link below. Please make sure to make a note that you would like a scarf to be donated to the homeless shelter. Thank you for helping someone stay warm, helping children and remembering Abe & Mary Elizabeth. 

For the Love of Abe and the Joy of Mary Elizabeth.

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