Monday, March 26, 2012

Appt update

Well we are heading home from our whirlwind appts. It's a long day but easier to do it in a day than getting a hotel room & having to pack all the medical equipment for one night.

Mary Elizabeth & Abe both were due for X-rays. Mike & Marlee Anne took them while Michala & I answered all the nurses questions to update everyone's charts.

Dr. Westberry saw Abe first. He said his X-rays showed the bones in his feet out of place from clubfeet. He said that if they started giving him trouble he would do surgery.

Michala was up next. Her spine looked good. When she checked her stump she could tell right away how sensitive it is. Michala has been having some pain with it. She suggested trying some neurontin but we have to check with Neuro to make sure it's ok with her other meds.

Mary Elizabeth's curve was slightly worse but she suggested just to watch it which we were perfectly happy with. Her hip is slightly more uncovered than it was & stretched but she said not too bad. She suggested trying some baclofen to help with the tightness in her hamstrings.

All in all good appts & we don't go back for a year. Yay!!!

On the way there we got a call from our sweet friend Connie. She said her friend owns a restaurant in Greenville & would like to have us there for dinner. Well if you are ever in Greenville stop by the Fitzpatricks Pub. The food & the service were great! What a wonderful treat & such a blessing.

If you read this before midnight please pray for our trip home. Mike driving & not getting tired. Please pray the children & I ride well without getting upset. So far that's not working so well because Michala is very unhappy.

Thanks for the prayers for a safe trip there & good appts!

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