Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Part 2

After a much needed pitstop we are back on the road. 

I will say that we were pleased with the accessibility in National Harbor & DC. Parking was at a minimum in DC but that was for all parking. Our friend Pam had warned us ahead of time about the difficulties of parking. Thankfully that all worked out. Tons of walking but worth every step & again very accessible. Not all the places had automatic doors or HDA buttons which was surprising. 

So after my overwhelming experience at the Lincoln memorial we walked down to the new Korean memorial. I think with each step my heart grew heavier for those who lost loved ones & thankfulness to those that fought for our freedom. My words will never be able to express the magnitude of emotions I felt on this trip. 

More Disney friends were waiting on us at our hotel so we headed back. We had supper with them at Ketchup. It's a neat restaurant owned by Ashton Kutcher. I think everyone should try it once. We really enjoyed the French fry trio with the 5 different types of ketchup which included root beer, habinero & chipotle. Marlee Anne loved the asparagus. 

The next day Mike was up bright & early for his conference. He left in plenty of time since he wasn't sure how long his commute would be. Good thing! Later that afternoon he came back & got us for our Capital tour. We parked at Union Station & walked over. 

Those of you that don't know I am not big on history. Wasn't my favorite subject. I remember going to the Capital in Atlanta for school. I grew up in local politics but never loved it. Walking into the Capital was totally different for me than I expected. I was thinking all along that it would be neat & it is a beautiful & well kept building. However when I got inside it was more like an if these walls could talk experience. I felt the magnitude of the laws that were discussed & voted on there. I felt the presence of the great people that stood there, walk those halls & helped shape our nation. Very odd for me indeed. We had the most wonderful guide named Dave. Do ya'll know who Crawford Long's famous cousin was? Think on it & I will tell you soon. There is a statue of a great person from each state in one of the rooms in the Capital. Dr. Crawford Long's statue represents Georgia. Crawford Long hospital is where the surgeon that did Michala's amputation & helped save her life was from. 

After our tour we got tickets for both the senate & the house. In the senate there was a congressman discussing the need for medicaid. I hope he saw our 3 on wheelchairs & realized that his speech was needed & not in vain. Michala brought enough attention to herself by clapping so she had to leave. 

As we were leaving we took pictures of the beautiful Helen Keller statue. Her statue is the first statue of a child & a disabled person in the Capital. Very moving! Yes you know I was moved to tears. 

Break for now because my phone is going dead. If you have made it this far I hope you are enjoying our trip so far. 

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