Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A night with the Braves

I know another email in the same week. Wow! We are heading to Michala & Abe's neurology appts so I thought I would type this as we were going. We are praying for direction for their seizures. Michala is still having 2 really hard seizures a day. In reality that's really not bad & we know it could be worse. Abe is still having lots of them. They are changing or rather having some that are different looking. He has one med left to take and we were trying to hold off on it but now maybe it's time. Either way I am praying for peace. 

Last night the Miracle League sent us to batting practice with the Braves. Even though it was 500 degrees on the field we had an awesome time. As we walked out on the field the outfielders came over and gave everyone baseballs. I just envisioned as soon as they gave Michala her's she would throw it back to them. We told her it was for her & she held it. 

Ross who is the catcher came over & talked to us & signed baseballs & Marlee Anne's hat. Conrad came over & was very nice. Heyward came & man that dude is big. I will try to send a picture of hey & Marlee Anne so you can see how big his hand is on her shoulder. I went to shake his hand and he hugged me. Really nice guy too. He offered to take a picture with everyone & I said we would turn the wheelchairs around. He said no I will come around. Very thoughtful! 

While Heyward was there with us Dan Uggla was talking to Mary Elizabeth. Everyone once in awhile someone makes a real connection with Mary Elizabeth and he definitely did. She was smiling & flirting with him. He took a long amount of time with her and even went back over a couple of other times to talk with her and ask to see her smile. I really hope the pictures turn out well of them. We did a group picture with Heyward & Dan & I have to say they quickly became favorites of mine. 

Marlee Anne wanted to see Chipper. Well she got to see him but that was it. He was in his normal Chipper form and attitude. I think she quickly forgot him after Jason & Dan were so nice. 

Our guide for the night was Steve and he was awesome! What an excellent host! After batting practice the Atlanta Journal Constitution did a video to go online of Homer giving us all souvenir tomahawks. 

We ended up having excellent seats thanks to the Braves, Steve and our awesome usher! Everyone enjoyed their night!

I knew it would be a struggle for Abe in the heat so I found these neat ice packs. They are still soft when frozen. It fits really well in his stroller which is what we used last night. Not sure how it will do in his wheelchair but it should work nice. It stayed cold for 4 hours once it was behind him. It's made by igloo. We haven't gotten him a cooling vest yet so this worked well for now. Plus this was $4 as opposed to hundreds. 

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