Monday, August 30, 2010

remembering my brother Tommy

I think I may share these stories each year with ya'll but I can't resist remembering my precious brother. Sunday was his angel day & I didn't get to send this since we were at the hospital.

I have so many wonderful memories of him. I want to share a couple with ya'll. When I was little, well actually maybe 8 I still wanted to sleep with my daddy. My mom would have no part of that so Tommy would set his clock, wake me up before mom got up so she didn't know I slept in the bed with them. Tommy would even let me sleep in his twin bed with him. I remember him turning on his side & holding me so I wouldn't fall out of the bed.

When Michala was diagnosed with cancer Tommy really wanted to do something to help us financially. His dream was to have a Harley Davidson motorcycle. He had just gotten it right before Michala was diagnosed. The last time I saw Tommy was at Michala's celebration of life ceremony. That week he died. After he passed away mom told me that Tommy wanted to sale his Harley & give us the money to help with our bills. To this day I still cry about that. Tell me that's not true sacrificing love.

Thanks for letting me share a couple of memories of my wonderful brother Tommy who I miss each & every day. For those that don't know that's where Abe's, Thomas came from in his name. Tommy & my daddy. I am sure they would both be proud to have such a sweet little boy named after them.


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