Monday, June 28, 2010

Prayers for Abe please

This weekend Abe's splint started slipping. Yesterday when we called they told us to come in the ortho office today to have it re-done. When we got there Dr. Meehan said he would have to have a body cast.
So tomorrow Abe will be going back into the OR under general anesthesia for a spica cast. It will go up to his chest, all the way down his left leg & halfway down his right leg. There will be a hole for his gtube & one for his diaper.
Our biggest concern is his respiratory issues while in the cast. Of course anytime he is put under general anesthesia it's a concern also for the risk & his glucose staying stable.
We are not sure how long we will be in the hospital. It depends on how he does in the OR & how quickly I pick up learning how to take care of him in the cast.
Please keep Abe in your prayers & all of us could use some prayers as we start this new journey. While it's not wanted & I have struggled greatly with it I truly believe God has something in store for me to learn or something in it for our family to grow closer to Him.
Thanks so much for your continued prayers & support.

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