Sunday, June 20, 2010

my babies' daddy

Our local paper featured emails today from people honoring their father's for Father's Day. I am not sure how they chose which ones would be included but for some reason the one about Mike was not included. When I found out I began to cry. First off I HATE this day! I miss my daddy & even though I think Mike should be honored because he is an incredible father I would just soon skip it. I was very disappointed that the email about Mike was not included in the paper.
Mike said Kelli it's ok. He said do not make a big deal out of it. He should be recognized. Not so he will win a prize but so that people will know what an incredible father he is. The email doesn't even cover it all. He sacrifices so much for his children and me every single day. He does more quietly for our community and for people and families than people will ever know. He is very humble and will not be pleased that I sent this out but it's something that needs to be told.
So here it is. I hope that it will give you some insight on the type of father Mike truly is. Thanks so much for letting me share this!

One would think that this would be something easy for a child to write or at least say for someone to write for them. However that is not the case for three of Mike Hopkins' four children. For seventeen years Mike Hopkins has been the voice for his special needs daughter Mary Elizabeth, that has no voice. She is not able to speak with words. Mike tells everyone he has a chance to that Mary Elizabeth speaks volumes with her love, life and the infectious laugh and smile she has.


On Mary Elizabeth's first day of life she stole her daddy's heart. On her third day of life as he drove to Egleston to be with her he never left her side unless the doctor's made him. That is how it has been for the past seventeen years. He has sacrificed more than one person should be asked to sacrifice. He has given up dream upon dream just for her. Never complaining or being sad about it.


Each time he tried to finish his degree something happened. One time he was registered and all ready to go back to college. That was the time that Mike's second daughter Michala was diagnosed with stage four cancer. She was given a grim future and he didn't want to miss a minute of time with her. He put off college once again. He was there for each grueling chemotherapy, each test and the amputation of her leg. All done in hopes of saving her life.


He finished his degree no long after his third daughter Marlee Anne was born and was able to attend his graduation with her sisters. Mike rejoiced as Marlee Anne began doing things his other two daughters could not. Never did he forgot to praise the other two for each of their accomplishments. Some how he was able to juggle it all. He let all three of his daughters know just how special each of them are, take time up with each and continue working to support his family.


Mike was also blessed with a son. A son he named Abraham. He had big plans with Abe. Teaching him to throw strikes, teaching him how to hit a golf ball and most of all teaching him how to be a Godly man who cares for others. Soon after Abe's birth Mike was once again headed to Egleston Children's Hospital for a five week stay. While Abe is not able to do all the things Mike dreamed of teaching him, Abe has learned from the best about being a Godly man.


It is an honor and blessing to watch this man with his children that he loves so dearly. Even when he cannot fix their hurts and pains he continues to stand up for them, be their voice and carry them through this journey. I know without a doubt each of his children would say thank you daddy for loving us. Thank you daddy for taking care of us. Thank you daddy for showing us the love of God.

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