Saturday, November 01, 2008

Quick update on Abe

Since Abe's appts on Wednesday he has been having seizures pretty much all the time he is awake. We have him on a med around the clock in addition to his seizure meds to keep him knock out. It's either that or having seizures. Not the best quality of life but for now it's all anyone can offer us. I am tired, beaten, worn. Trying to bounce back to my old self but right now the seizures are winning. I am bound and determing this is not going to win over and be the straw that broke my back. Stress is high in our house and we are trying to take it minute by minute. We have had to fight insurance to get him enough Diastat because we are having to give him so much of it. I wish I had better news to share.


Paige said...

Please know this sweet little boy of yours is in our prayers. Every time I read an update I update my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Sending prayers for you all through this. We love you.