Sunday, November 30, 2008


WOW! I didn't realize it had been so long since I had updated. We have had a wonderful time with our friend Anci from Norway. Mike, Michala and Marlee Anne are on their way now to take her back to the airport. Please pray for a safe flight for her. We are going to miss having her here. She was such a blessing to have in our home the past two weeks. It will be an adjustment with her gone but we know her family is looking forward to her being back.

So much to catch up with. I will share the bad first. Since Thanksgiving Abe has been having seizures pretty much around the clock. We are contributing it to the weather. He is either awake having seizures or out of it because he is getting ativan every 3-4 hours and diastat every 8 hours. We go to the neurologist on Tuesday so hopefully they will have some ideas. It hurts my heart to watch him like this. I am so grateful for God's grace to get me through this and His strength to allow me to take care of my three precious girls and amazing husband.

Tomorrow Abe has to go to Egleston to have a ph probe inserted. This will tell us if he is having reflux and how much. Please pray that this goes smooth. We will come home after he and Mary Elizabeth have their endocrinology appt. Tuesday morning we will go back to Egleston to have the tube removed. Then Abe and Mary Elizabeth will both being seeing the Mitochondrial specialist. Please be in special prayer for this appt. This is where we will discuss more about Mary Elizabeth's care and also find out more about the possibility of Abe having a mitochondrial disease and whether we will do a muscle biopsy on him. After that appt Abe will see GI to get the results of the ph probe and discuss a g-tube for him. I am trying to be a peace with the g-tube because I know that he has aspirated, I know the dangers of trying to give him meds and/or feed him will he is having a seizure. If it wasn't for the feeding tube right now we would be having a time trying to find a time when he wasn't seizing to give him food or meds. So I want God's will to be done. Peace and strength for me as I hear what needs to be done. After all this Abe will see neurology. So prayers for these next to days is that everything will go smooth, Mary Elizabeth will tolerate the long days, Mike and I will not be too stress over all of it, answers and/or direction for Abe's seizures and that God's will be done for Abe's little body. Thank you!!!

We did so much while Anci was here with us. Our exciting day was when we went to see Santa at Phipps. We went to eat at the Cheesecake Factory first. We got some wonderful pictures ahead of time and even got to see some of our friends from Camp Sunshine. Julia & Claire were there to see Santa too. Santa was as wonderful as always. I will attach some pictures and put more on our blog. Afterwards we rode the pink pig. I love having traditions. Our friends went with us and Marlee Anne loved spending time with Andrew.

Uncle Papa cooked a wonderful meal for Anci. She had requested BBQ ribs because she remembered them from her previous visit. We played games. I even got away with playing a few hands of spoons before Mike caught me. LOL!!! Anci even ate her first and second ever s'more.

Mike and Marlee Anne took her to Chimney Park to help get ready for Twighlights. Please do not forget to buy your tickets and come. I can't wait to see it. I know they have worked very hard. I have heard it's going to be very beautiful! You don't want to miss it!

Anci also got to go on a ride along with the Covington Police Dept. while she was here. Thanks to Ken for making that happen! She really enjoyed that but didn't get to get her picture made with a police officer or beside the police car.

We had a (I am thinking of what word to use right here) Thanksgiving. It makes me laugh cause I have to think of how my mom, brother, sister, neice & Mike would describe it. Does anyone have a "perfect" Thanksgiving when families get together? Doesn't something always go wrong. Well maybe not wrong but there are always mishaps right? Ours actually was really good. However I am already planning to be in Disney World for Thanksgiving & Christmas next year. Now granted I have told my whole family they can go too. Marlee Anne showed Uncle Bryant & Win how to make Flubber. That was a big hit!

Every year I go out shopping real earlier on the day after Thanksgiving. Anci said she was game. We left the house at 5:30 picked Grace up and heading to Target. When we got to Target Anci screamed at the line wrapped around the outside of the store with people waiting to get in. She hopped out of the van to take pictures. Usually I am gone most of the day but with Abe and his feeding tube I decided to cut it short and head back. Target, Lifeway, Bath & Body Works, Michael's and Old Navy were the only stores we hit. Oh and Chick-fil-A, Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts too.

Last night we took Anci to Red Robin. Then we rode to see Christmas lights. Most of the typical decorations around here or in excess in Norway. She was shocked at most of the decorations that were out. Mike told her that as it go closer to Christmas you would see that all over the place. She even got to eat her first Peep.

Hopefully she had some time to rest and relax even while performing all of her Norwegian Nanny duties. Well Mike got two Christmas trees down before he left so I better get busy decorating. Thanks so much for all your prayers. While counting our blessings we count each of you.

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