Thursday, November 06, 2008

Prayers for others

Ya'll I know I am always asking for prayer for us but I would like to ask you to lift up these two families please.

Ya'll know Marlee Anne's best friend Mackenzie just got a precious new sister named Torianna. We just found out that Torianna has Cystic Fibrousis. Please lift up this precious family. Over the past few years they have come to mean so very much to our family. A chronic illness filled with doctors and hospitals was not what we wanted for them. They are very dear to us and we hurt with them.

I cannot believe I am even writing this. A dear friend of mine lost her sister today to ALS. My precious friend Laurie, her sweet sister Debbie and I are all part of a group called TRAK (true random acts of kindness). When Debbie was diagnosed we were all devastated. I truly thought it would be years before her symptoms got worse. Just recently she started having trouble breathing. Laurie said she died peacefully in her sleep. My heart hurts so much for Laurie, their mother, Debbie's husband Bert and their son Michael. Please lift this family up in prayer.

Thanks for being prayer warriors with me and surrounding these two precious families with prayer.

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