Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Still pregnant!

Well yes here I am sitting with my sweet baby still in my belly. I am 11 days away from my due date. You would think this is my first child. Just waiting on the contractions to get stronger and more steady. Tomorrow I am back to the specialist to check this little guy and make sure everything is still fine. Also to check his weight.

Today Mike said you know we are about to have a baby. I laughed and reminded him that the reason God gives the baby 9 months to grow is to help us prepare to be parents, whether for the first time or fourth time. He said I know but we are about to have 4 children. What were we thinking? Those are his words now as I am about to give birth to this baby.

We are both so excited to meet this little guy. See how the girls react to him. See how they all grow together. We are excited about the love and excitement he is sure to add to our home.

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