Sunday, February 10, 2008

Big Apple Circus!

This group reminded me so very much of the Krytos that we loved at Disney. They were absolutely amazing.

WOOHOO!!! We made it. Today we were invited to the special Camp Sunshine day at Big Apple Circus. This is always a very special time for our family. The girls can actually see what's going on and really love it. Mary Elizabeth laughed the entire time, Michala clapped and screamed, Marlee Anne was amazed the entire time.

This circus is really very amazing. If you ever have the chance to go see it do it. The performers are incredible. It was so funny to listen to all the adults laughing. The coolest thing is some of these families lives have been so filled with tears going through cancer treatments and watching their children suffer. Too look around and see smiles on their faces is absolutely wonderful. The oohs and aahs and gasp are incredible too. The last act almost put me into labor. Well I said almost. No I am still here with this precious little one getting ready to make his presence.

Each time we have the opportunity to do something with Camp Sunshine we are so blessed. To see other families that have been through the same things as you, to see how far we have all come and to have the chance to rally around those newly diagnosed families or those families battling this nasty disease once again is truly a gift. I know that may sound a little strange but it's true. It's a family bond that is so very strong.

The Camp Sunshine staff, volunteers and family are amazing themselves. They work so hard to make sure there are activities to keep us all connected. They continue to support us all in whatever way they can. They are all such blessings.

When we walked into the tent, Grandma from the Big Apple Circus asked Michala if she brought her a tuna sandwich. Michala just thinks Grandma is the best. Maybe she reminds her of her granmama. LOL!!! Marlee Anne went up to Grandma and told her we watched her on TV. She knew right away it was the Food Network. It was the Dinner Impossible episode called Circus Juggle. If you have the chance to watch it do. It was really good.

Jeff Foxworthy, who Mike and I have admired for quite some time, was the honorary ringmaster. We saw him at the Punchline years ago. I wish I remembered what year that was. He just stood around afterwards talking to a group of us. We thought then he was a great guy. Since then we have had several opportunities to meet him. One of those time was at a Camp Sunshine Christmas party and Michala pinched him on the booty. When Jeff turned around Mike apologized and blamed it on me. Today after the show Jeff came up and took a picture with the girls. Marlee Anne got his autograph and of course had to talk to him about EVERYTHING!!! Yes Lori we made sure to tell Jeff what a geek Mike is and he is going to be the first adult to win the million dollars on Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader. Jeff was very excited about that.

Thanks Camp Sunshine for a wonderful day out filled with lots of fun, love and laughs!

Note regarding pictures... you cannot use a flash and I couldn't get the settings on my camera right until intermission so I only got pictures of the last half of the circus. I am very pleased with the pictures I did get for the girls' scrapbook.

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