Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Are you a Mary or a Martha?

Over the past month I have seen God use and bless us with many Marys and Marthas. A dear friend of ours is a Martha that we could not do without. She is constantly on the go, always offering to run errands and do whatever she can to help ease the load. One of our oldest friends has always been a Mary. I am not sure she has ever sat on any of our furniture. She sits on the floor usually with one of our children or at my feet listening intently to what one of us is saying. Our nearest and dearest is the perfect combination of Mary and Martha. She walks in and after greeting all of us with hugs she makes a quiet little swoop through the kitchen to tidy up or most times in my case clean up the kitchen, which includes the dishes she is sure to find in the sink from our last meal of the day. After that is done she plops down on the floor, usually with open arms for whoever can get there first to cozy up for comfort and love. With all of these come love and laughter. 

I am not really surprised when a "Mary" comes in but I do love to observe them. I love to see their interaction with our children. They greet them on their level, interact with them and quickly pick up on their likes. They take time to see which side Mary Elizabeth is favoring that day so they go to that side so she can see them easier. They realize right away Michala loves to clap and you have her heart with that. Marlee Anne is not your typical 12 year old girl. Most times a Mary will see that and immediately treat her that way. 

I love that our corner of the world includes both Mary and Martha because we need them both. Thank you to each of you for being that in our home. Just a little food for thought as you go through your day. Are you Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus listening or are you Martha busy, busy, busy? 

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