Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I didn't think ya'll would want an update every time things change but my heart needs to share now if ya'll don't mind.

There seems to have been more damage to Abe's lungs than first thought when he had that bad seizure & aspirated. That seems to be why it is taking him longer to recover. Not like a virus or a bacteria he picked up. Another reason we are being so cautious with everyone so we don't put something else on top of his little body to fight.

He is back on oxygen. It happened right after I sent out the "Praise The Lord" email. He came off for a brief time & is now back on it.

This roller coaster ride is so very hard on our bodies, minds & spirits. A precious friend said 2 steps forward & 1 step backward. Then her daughter dropped off cookies in our mailbox. Don't tell Mike though because I ate them all. Yes the stress eater is back!

Thank you to those that sent emails yesterday letting us know you are praying. I don't like how going through this makes me feel & pulls me down. I try for it not to. I am thankful for those of you that let me feel this, talk & cry through it as I need to.

Lack of sleep and other daily stressors are making this harder. We know that this too shall pass & we will soon be able to catch our breath. Many have said they don't know how we do it. Well it's only by the grace of God. Dear family & friends who lift us up & help carry us through. Thank you so much!!!

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