Thursday, March 10, 2011


I feel like I haven't sent an email in quite sometime. We are heading to Egleston for Michala's GI appt & hopefully they will see Abe to. I just thought I would update while I had a chance. 

Michala has never seen GI. We are hoping for a direction with her stomach issues. We couldn't get Abe in for an appt until the end of the month. I think his gtube is too small & is what is causing so much irritation. We are hoping she will check him & measure him for a new one. 

Friday night Mike & I had a date. Our dear friends have been wanting to come over to play with our babies while we went out. They kept asking when they could come. Finally they gave us dates & said ya'll are going. We had a wonderful night out. When we got back home the house was full of laughter & smiles. They even asked when they could do it again. What a blessing to have friends that want to spend time with our children. It meant a great deal to us that they would give of their time for us. 

Other than that not much is happening in our world. Just the daily fun stuff. Mike has a conference coming up next week so we will be heading to Orlando. We are very excited for some sunshine & to see our wonderful Disney friends. 

We are almost there so I will cut this short. Hope everyone has a wonderful day! 

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Mama Duke's of a Mini Diva said...

What a blessing to have friends u trust to offer to stay with ur children. I know u & ur husband felt more at ease when u came hope to angelic smiles. Take one day @ a time & enjoy ur time in Disney.