Thursday, March 10, 2011

Appt update

Well it didn't go the way we were expecting. Good news is Abe got a much needed larger gtube even though we couldn't get him an appt. Hopefully that will help cut down on the irritation & bleeding. 

Bad news is Michala is so impacted that she is going to have to be admitted 2-3 days (praying for 24 hours) for an ng tube (I will have nightmares about that one for sure) & golytely. She has some bleeding but for now we will take care of this & then deal with that. She said we may have to end up with a gtube to be able to control this. 

She did say for us to go ahead with our trip & we will admit her when we get back. Just one more thing! My attitude has stunk lately & this is definitely not helping. Gonna put it behind me & deal with it when we are back. 

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