Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday at the Masters 2010

WOW!!! I am so exhausted. It's that wonderful exhaustion when everything is right with the world.
A few weeks ago Mike asked me to go to the Masters with him on Sunday, April 11th. There are some discrepancies there because Marlee Anne said I invited myself. She really wanted to go with him. However I was the one going.
I emailed Mo right away to see if you she could come keep the children on that date. She emailed me right back and said she had a conference then and couldn't. I sent Mike a text and said it's a no go Mo can't come. Right after that Scheree called & said what are you doing. I told her & she said I will keep them. No hesitation whatsoever just that she would do it. I told her it would be a very long day. She didn't care.
I wanted to have a nurse on call just in case. So my prayer warrior Bonnie said she & her husband David would be on call for us. They came over & got their orders & were ready to go. Thankfully there was no need for them to be called.
My only other hesitation was not having contact because I couldn't take my cell phone in. My friend Paige whose husband works at the Masters took care of that part for us. That eased some of my anxiety.
We left at 7:00 in the morning. The drive down with just the two of us was so very nice. We got there and had breakfast. I had a egg salad sandwich & sweet tea. We did some shopping & then walked the entire breath taking course. When we got Magnolia Lane they were taking pictures. There was a two hour wait. The lady told us to come back around 2 & we wouldn't have to wait as long. We stopped by to see the 3D TV which is way too COOL!!!
One thing that was very nice is that several places they had phones for you to use. I called twice to check on them & once for Scheree to text Mark to see where we were supposed to meet them cause we couldn't find them.
We got to the 16 tee & met them there. Mike & I decided to go back & get our picture made before we sat down with them. We walked back up to the Club House for our picture. The nice Italian father & son in line behind us checked to see how long the wait was & told us half hour. It was exciting to get our picture made together. I have attached it for ya'll to see.
When we got back to 16 we got some lunch before sitting down. Mike had some BBQ & I had a pimento cheese sandwich.
It was so exciting & so much fun to sit with Paige & discuss all the players as they went by. Mike was enjoying his time with his friend Clay. Mark was busy making new friends & taking pictures. Since they got there before us they had chairs sitting right at the ropes for us. I loved seeing all the players going by. They were close enough for us to reach out & touch them.
I wore my flip flops. Well my Yellow Boxes to be exact because they are the best & oh so comfortable. I slipped my feet out & in just a few minutes someone from The Masters came over & got on to me. He said I hate to do this but if you are not going to wear your shoes you have to keep your feet down. He said in a little bit the leaders are going to be coming through & you are going to be on TV. If your bare feet are on TV I will get in trouble. I apologized & told him I was putting them back on right then. I just knew if I didn't I would get excited & cross my legs or something & my feet would show. I didn't want to get that sweet man in trouble. Well in just a few minutes he comes back. He asked us all to put our cups & water bottles behind our chairs so they wouldn't show up on TV. They even said something to the camera a little while later.
When it was time for the leaders to start coming through a camera man came right beside us. He was really nice to keep me updated on Phil's progress. I have gone the entire week not mentioning to anyone who I was pulling for or who I was sure I would be watching get the green jacket this year. Each year I jinx him. I know that Mike knew but he was very good not to discuss it. I have to say I was very proud when he walked past us.
After he & Lee finished the 16th hole we said our goodbyes to our friends & headed to the front of Eisenhower Cabin where the green jacket ceremony would be held. We got a great place to view it & waited for Phil to finish up. It was really incredible to watch all the golf dignitaries from all over the world come in for the ceremony. After that Phil's family came in & were seated. Seeing Phil receive his 3rd green jacket is something I will remember forever. It was an awesome experience.
If you have never been to Augusta Nationals then think of what you have Heaven pictured as or an impeccable manicured lawn that you can't even describe. There were green rolling hills with any color of azalea you could think of. The trees were so majestic. As Mike & I walked back to the back gate where we parked there were probably 20-30 people spread out over the course that we could see. It was so quiet & so peaceful. I felt honored to be walking hand in hand with my husband at such an beautiful place.
Our drive home was nice too.I was so ready to get back to see my babies. That was such a long time to be away from them. However I did good. Scheree & I were discussing that when we got back home. Thanks to the prayers of everyone I was very calm & had a wonderful time. One brief time I got a little anxious. Because of prayers all our babies did great. Scheree never got nervous & did an amazing job. I am still overwhelmed that she offered & wanted to stay that long in our home with our precious children. How blessed are we!
It hit me last night how calm & peaceful I felt. I thought back over the day. I realized Mike & I are still here together. We still fit. We still work. Not once did we talk about doctors, hospitals, appts, medications or seizures. There was no stress. I sometimes wonder if the couple that fell in love with each other almost 25 years ago are still there as a couple without all the other things holding us together. Well low & behold we are there - stronger & closer than ever!  I realized yesterday just how very much I am blessed & how very much in love with my husband I am. I mean everyday I know I am blessed. I know that I love Mike also. Even though neither of us like to leave our children & we work so well as a family unit, the hours with just Mike meant the world to me. I don't think words can convey that to anyone, not even him.
I am more thankful today to God for bringing this amazing man in my life and giving us 4 beautiful children. I am so thankful to the wonderful friends in our life that made this day happen & gave me a peace.
With an overflowing grateful heart!!!

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Penny Duncan Creations said...

Hey Kelli, I'm not a golf fan at all but reading your wonderful day was so very special and memorial day indeed!!!! I'm happy for the one who one the green jacket as I did see on the new where his wife has been battling cancer....what a special blessing for their family as well!!!! Thank you for taking us on your journey for the day!!! Hope you are having a very blessed day!!!