Thursday, April 01, 2010

Mary Elizabeth's 17th birthday

Every time I type or say Mary Elizabeth's 17th birthday I have to stop a minute. It's hard to believe. How very wonderful! We are so very blessed. She has surpassed her life expectancy by 14 years. A great reminder that God is in control.
Yesterday was her 17th birthday & what a beautiful day it was. I have learned more from Mary Elizabeth in the past 17 years than I could ever learn from anyone else. She has taught me what is important in life. She is the most understanding, compassionate & forgiving soul I have ever met. She has taught me about unconditional love, faith & trust.
I would not have chosen this life for myself. In my dreams this is not the "perfect" life I created. I am so thankful for unanswered prayers. I would have missed out on so much in life without this precious angel.
My prayer is that she has also blessed your life as richly as she has blessed mine. Thank you for sharing the past 17 years with us.
Love ya'll!!!

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