Saturday, August 22, 2009


What a day filled with blessings from God!!!

Today I had the priviledge of hosting a shower for Mike's cousin Deneen's daughter Ashlee. WOW!!! What a huge blessing that was. It was so wonderful to spend time with family and with Will's (groom to be) family. Seeing Ashlee grow up all these years has been so wonderful.

I have to thank my dear friends Gail, CAM & JoLynn for great shower ideas. Marlee Anne & I had a wonderful time fixing everything together for it. As we were getting things done this morning she asked if you ask the blessing before you eat at a shower. I told her yes you do. She asked if it was ok if she asked the blessing. I told her of course that would be fine. I know she is my child but I was so very proud and very touched at her sweet words that came straight from her heart. It all turned out really nice I think and it was so much fun.

While the shower was going on the pine straw guys came to the door. They come around every so often but usually won't stop if there are lots of cars. They came up to the door and said Mr. Keith Dalton ask us to deliver pine straw to ya'll. Some how Uncle Papa knows when there is a need and what it is. Perfect timing! I called to tell him thank you and through some texting with Grace found out that they were at Tanger Outlet. After some more tracking I got Aunt Kim and put in Abe's order for some needed clothes. WOOHOO!!! How could that have worked out any more perfect!

After the shower I cleaned up real quick and started supper for Mo & Luke. We were all so incredibly excited about them coming.

Well Michala had been whining and fussing the WHOLE day!!! It had been really really bad! Right at the PERFECT time (if there is one) Michala start having a seizure. She was right beside the refrigerator where we keep one of the magnets for the VNS. I notice this "strange" look on her face so I watch her closely. Sure enough she started into a seizure. As soon as she made the first noise I grabbed the magnet and swipe her VNS. It stopped it!!! As I type this I have tears. I really wish ya'll could feel the excitement I have about this! Something IS working. Not something might be or something could be, something IS working. PRAISE the LORD! God is GREAT is all I have to say! This is the first time the VNS has worked in this way. WOW!!! I still cannot get over it. She slept for a little while afterwards and I am not sure what was up with that. Maybe enough relief to be able to sleep or that the part of the seizure she did have was strong enough to wipe her out. When she woke up she was once again really fussy. Still not sure what all that's about. Maybe just a pre-teen. Guess I can't ask for 2 precious girls to breeze through pre-teen years like Mary Elizabeth. LOL!!! Well it was a HUGE blessing and I will take it.

Right after that Mo & Luke arrived without any troubles finding the house. We had an amazing meal prepared by my amazing husband, wonderful fun & fellowship with them. Mo increased Michala's VNS to 1.25, 1.50 on the magnet and she did just fine. She increased Abe once and then a second time before she left. She got him to the same as Michala. It was really neat because up until now Marlee Anne had not seen her activate their VNS. She was really anxious to see it and ask Mo questions. Mo was great of course and took time to explain it all to her.

Luke loves coffee so it was nice to have someone to enjoy a cup of coffee with tonight. Mo & Luke were great sports and played the Wii with Marlee Anne way more than they should of had to. They seemed to enjoy it as much as Marlee Anne.

Things seemed to be settled down some right now. Well except for Mary Elizabeth singing loudly. She loves when everyone is quiet so that she can be heard. I am praying for great nights with the increases in their VNS and great results tomorrow.

It was such a great day and I truly thank God for each one of the special blessings he brought us today. Before I close tonight I have a huge request for prayer. Tonight I found out that Torianna, our precious little friend down the street that has Cystic Fibrosis, had a fever of 103 and had to be taken to the hospital. She is home now and I don't have any details except that. PLEASE lift up this sweet baby in your prayers! Thanks so much!!!

With love & a thankful heart!!!

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