Sunday, January 13, 2008

What a day!

Today we had another baby shower for Prince Hopkins. What an amazing day! I was so touched by the people that came. The gifts were just so incredible. The decorations and food were perfect. All of it was so perfect. It was held at my adopted sister's house, Amber. Mimi was telling someone how long she had known me. Yes it made me feel quite old. Those are such special memories. Mimi, Amber & Brooke hosted the shower. Like they do everything it was perfect. I was so proud to show off Amber's castle as everyone was calling it. What a perfect place for Prince Hopkins' shower to be held.

Too many gifts to tell you all about them but I have to share a few of my very special ones and favorites. All of them were wonderful, greatly appreciated and much needed. Each of the girls have very special blankets made by our dear family friend Miss Emmy. Well of course our prince is no exception. I keep repeating prince trying to convince myself that we are actually about to have a baby boy in our home. Well Miss Emmy and Martha made a beautiful quilt along with a very special blanket for him. We love it! Our dear neighbor Sally made a beautiful frog quilt for him. So much detail and love in it. Our Lighthouse family partner Peggy knited him an incredibly soft and lovely blue blanket. All of these will be cherished forever! The one gift that made me cry was a soft blue blanket that had been embroidered with Future Prince Charming. I was crying so hard I couldn't tell the story. Most of you know about our special Prince Charming that works for Disney. It took all of 5 minutes for him to steal our hearts. Well minutes before I opened the beautiful blanket that his mom and sister gave us he called me at the shower. Such a special gift!

You know when you are planning a shower list you sometimes are not sure who to invite. Well each and every person that came was so very excited to be there. They were there to celebrate this very special life that God has blessed us with. I am so very over joyed.

Uncle Papa called and asked Mike what he wanted for his birthday meal. How very perfect! My chose fried Tilapia. As soon as I got home from the shower, got the gifts unloaded we were headed over there to eat. It was a wonderful birthday celebration!

OK I will try to post shower pictures tomorrow. Off to get some rest now.

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