Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ANOTHER shower?

Well SURPRISE! Mike called and said I just finished with a shower. I said for who? He said, Abe. That's the name he has picked out in case you haven't heard. Abraham Thomas. So anyway he thought they were having his birthday lunch at work. Turns out they had him a surprise baby shower. WOW! That was awesome! He was so touched and very proud. Kim & I joked about how red his face must have been the whole time. Here you can tell.
All the gifts were great and much appreciated. One of our favorites was a denim jacket from Ann.
Marlee Anne had so much fun going through all the fun stuff he got. Michala LOVED the cake he brought home. She is not to picky when it comes to cake colors. Even though it was blue and in honor of her baby brother she ate it.

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Disney Scrapper said...

I love to see Mike's face red. It shows he is a feeling man.