Thursday, April 23, 2015

On the move!

As I pack up to move to our second "home" in CO I pray the next move is back to our HOME in GA. That would mean in 3 months some things really have to change. At first I think no way, then I think back on this past year to the handful of families, a strong little warrior, the mommy lobby, those precious daddies, the fearless leader, along with strong legislative supporters under the gold dome that did more in GA than I thought could happen. I think back to what we had to do to get to CO, who we lost in the planning stages, the man that was waiting to give Michala some liquid gold, the change the first dose made, the church family God provided us with, the GA friends He surrounded us with, the CO peeps we have fallen in love with and this beautiful state. Why put limits on God? I know if it's His will it can be done in 3 months. If not He will open the door for another place and He will continue to carry us on this journey. 

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