Sunday, December 29, 2013

A true act of love.

Those that know me well know a few things that are hard for me. Among those are asking for help & leaving my children. Well a precious friend of mine decided she was going to surprise me with time away with Mike. Mike told her he couldn't surprise me & needed to talk to me about it. He knows my heart so well. I knew right away a lot of prayer went into this because I had such a peace about it when he told me. 

When we walked into her lake house music was playing & there were gorgeous flowers on the table for me. There was a wonderful peace & calm in their home. We had a wonderful time together.

 We went to Gabby's at The Ritz Carlton to eat. Our waiter was absolutely great. Then we walked & saw the lights. It was absolutely beautiful. We were fine until it started getting dark & rainy. I got quiet & Mike knew. As the tears began he said to check on them. As I was waiting for a reply he said I am fine with going home. Very soon I got a text that everyone was doing great. 

As we drove back to the lake house Mike said do you just want to get our clothes & go home. I was very torn & wasn't sure. When we got back he made a fire & I made some coffee. It began to flood outside. It was only about 7 & I was so sleepy. After a nap it was 9 & once again I was anxious & missing our babies. Perfect timing for a text saying everyone was fine. 

I so enjoyed the time with Mike. When you get caught up with life it's nice to know that we still connect as a couple. It was also confirmation that I am where God wants me to be. Very happy & content with being the wife & mommie God created me to be. 

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