Wednesday, March 06, 2013

It's me again God

Do you ever feel like saying it's me again God? Even though I know He is wanting & waiting for me to come to Him I feel like saying that.

Well here I am again. Sitting in the PICU watching Abe's numbers on the monitors. Every doctor that comes in says they are baffled. They just don't know.

His seizures have thankfully slowed down some. He is on 10 liters of high flow oxygen in hopes of giving his body some rest. It's working so hard to fight whatever is going on in there. His temp is 103. There is a war raging on inside.

As I watched his body have seizure after seizure back to back I wondered if their is peace in his soul while all of that is going on within him. I wondered what he was feeling & what he was thinking. Could he hear me tell him that I love him? Could he see me beside him? Could he feel my touch?

Each day I ask God to use us. To use our family to minister in some way to someone. On the way up to the ER today I asked God to use us.

Not sure if he used us for the nurses or the doctors we have seen but I hope He did. I had to move the van & coming back up to the PICU I rode the elevator with a dad whose 14 year old son had a stroke at school on Monday. He is being transferred to Scottish Rite tomorrow to the rehab unit. As we stood out in the hall talking my heart was breaking. It all happened so quickly which I am thankful for because I had no time to get in the way or think about what I was going to say, who else was around or who was watching. God's words, God's timing, God's plan & God's will. My heart is heavy tonight for this 14 year old boy named Jackson & his family. You may have seen it on the news. Please lift them up in your prayers!!!

Well I am about to ask for another blanket. I don't know what the temp is in here but you could hang meat. They are keeping it cold because of Abe's fever. I am freezing. Please keep Abe in your prayers. Also please pray for Mike & the girls!

At least they gave Abe a Mickey mask. He wanted me to take a picture so his sissy could see it. They also gave him Cars diapers but I don't think he wants me to share that picture with ya'll!!!

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kellie said...

Hi Kelli,

May your precious child Abe get better soon and heal. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

With love,

Kellie Smith
Albuquerque, NM