Thursday, September 08, 2011

My Concern

Good Morning,

 I just want to share with you a concern that is near and dear to me. My concern " childhood cancer" . As most of you know I have four children, three of which have special needs. Michala our middle child not only suffers from an extremely rare disease called Acardi Syndrome ( affecting less than 500 girls worldwide) but she was also diagnosed with Angiosarcoma  a form of cancer that typically affects the elderly. Thankfully I am proud to say that Michala is a twelve year survivor of this dreaded disease. The purpose of this e-mail is to let you know that September  is childhood cancer awareness month. Some important facts: cancer kills more children than any other disease, less than 2% of all federal  cancer research dollars are spent on finding cures for our children, and still today childhood cancer has an 80% percent cure rate.  

 As part of cancer awareness month Michala was selected  to be one of the faces of childhood cancer and September  21st is her special day. Along with this great honor 11 Alive news reporter Julie Wolfe came and taped a short TV segment  that was aired yesterday morning at 6:30 am. If you are interested I have attached the  two links below ( 11 Alive and CURE ) that will give you more detail about our "special child" and the many other brave and courageous children  who fight this terrible monster called cancer.  Michala 's video. - if you have surfed this link – thank you. If you have surfed this link and made donations – thank you for providing support for the cure. The short video by Jeff Foxworthy is worth the time to watch.


Finally, the whole purpose of this e-mail is awareness.  I have no expectations and you are certainly not obligated to contribute in any way. I  certainly hope that I have not offended you with the expression of "my concern" .


Thanks so much,


Mike Hopkins


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