Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Tonight when we are supposed to be at one of our traditional Christmas parties I am reminded to be thankful. Even though I miss being out as a family celebrating I am thankful to be home.

Friday when I sat Mary Elizabeth up to give her her morning meds she gasped for air. I suctioned her & gave her a breathing treatment before giving her her meds. She struggled taking her meds & wouldn't drink. I put her in the van & headed for the peditricians office.

Once there they came running in the room working with her & called the ambulance. The EMT saw her & said we would have to go across the street to Rockdale until she was stable enough to take to Egleston. When he picked her up it must have dislodged something because she was breathing much easier. He put her on 8 liters of oxygen just to get her sats at a good level. He said we would head to Egleston but if she got in distress again we would have to go to the nearest hospital.

I was shocked on the way to Egleston at how many people didn't pull over to let us pass. The EMT driving said they deal with that all the time. So my request is next time you see any emergency vehicle with their lights & siren on please pull over & let them pass.

Once we got to Egleston & they started working on Mary Elizabeth the EMT told me he was very scared when he walked in Dr. Patonay's office & saw her. I was the most scared I have been in quite awhile.

After her xray we found out she had double pneumonia. She was put on Cpap 8 liters at 100%. She was admitted to the ICU.

Thankful for the prayers! The medical team was all laid out start to finish. From Dr. Patonay & her amazing staff, the awesome nurse that stuck her once & only once for the most beautiful IV you have ever seen, to the doctors & nurses that released her from ICU. They kicked us out because the hospital was so full of really bad stuff & they didn't want her to get something else. We were also at a point we could do all they were doing except the IV meds. Once again our sweet girl reminded me of what a mighty God we serve. He used her in a mighty way at the hospital witnessing to many.

So you see while my heart wishes for more my spirit is renewed & thankful for the true spirit of Christmas that fills our home tonight. Mary Elizabeth is still on oxygen, taking extra meds, breathing treatments & suctioning but we are home together. A family unit as Marlee Anne says.

We cannot thank everyone enough for stepping in & filling the void while she was in the hospital. From taking care of the kids & Mike, bringing me Starbucks since the coffee shop was closed, bringing my hospital bag that I ran out & forgot, doing my last minute shopping for me & just volunteering truly for whatever! Thanks so very much for the support & most of all the prayers! Please continue the prayers for healing for Mary Elizabeth's lungs. She is still a very sick little girl. Please pray for protection so that everyone else stays well.

Our Christmas cards have not gone out, things we usually do have not been done, but you know what, the most incredible time of year will still happen on Saturday morning. We will wake up in a warm home together & sing happy birthday to Jesus. Merry CHRISTmas ya'll!!!

With love & a thankful heart!



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You truly are my inspiration!! Those precious children are so lucky to have you! I love you all so very much!
~Carman P