Thursday, October 14, 2010

Appt update

First thanks so very much for the prayers! Nice to read emails on the way to the doctor to keep my mind busy when Mike is on work calls.

Well he decrease Michala's VNS cycle. She is still having 2 seizures a day. Some are pretty violent & they last any where from 2-20 minutes. Once again we accept they fact that she is going to have them. It's about quality of life. She had gained 6 lbs in 3 months & Dr. Flamini was very pleased with that. It's that cheeseburger diet he put her on.

Ok so for our little complex buddy. He did not adjust his VNS because he didn't want to throw something else in the mix. He wants him to have a CAT scan to make sure there is nothing there putting pressure on his brain. We are going to try melatonin & then clonodine. In other words who knows?! At least we have options to try.

Our big excitement came when the fire alarm went off & Dr. Flamini about fell out of his chair. We had to be escorted down the elevator by security. We still don't know what happen. We were only told that it wasn't a drill.

I am tired & I know this email comes across as negative. I don't mean to be! I am thankful to have a doctor who cares about our children & mine & Mike's well being as well.

Thanks again for all the prayers!!!



Just a "TAD" more said...

I have had a lot of sitting around time and have not waisted it. I have been thinking about you and lots of prayer. I pray for peace and sleep at you home. God bless.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad she finally has a VNS. It's about time.