Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Counting my blessings!

What a beautiful morning to be counting my blessings! An email update is overdue so I thought I would share.

Last week was my birthday & it was AMAZING!!! I have to admit when my sister told Mike before we got married that I was spoiled it really has paid off. I continue to be spoiled by my husband & my children.

I guess it depends on what think of as spoiled. No not with jewels or lots of material things but things that I love. Naps, long hot baths, massage, hugs, kisses & lots of love! We get busy & forget the important things in life. So many times we are crossing paths, blowing kissing, giving quick pecks, saying I love you but not stopping to really enjoy those special moments. WELL this past week was nothing like that as far as rushing. We all took a step back & kinda regrouped. Always a good thing to do.

My birthday was filled with all the things I love. Well except a cake from Baby Cakes because they were closed. This was actually a good thing because thanks to Mike's wonderful discovery of Nuriche I have lost 13 lbs of the 20 I gained when Abe was in the cast. WOOHOO!!! Better than that I feel GREAT!!! No sugar or starch cravings even though there are petit fors from Baby Cakes sitting in our kitchen from the shower last night.

OK so Mike did cook me a delicious meal that I thoroughly enjoyed! I got a nap thanks to Marlee Anne & her excellent care of her sisters & brother. Snuggles from Mary Elizabeth & Abe with some special smiles thrown in there. Michala played ball with me, danced for me as they sang happy birthday & enjoyed the cake they got me.

The next night my BFF from high school took me to RLs to celebrate. OH WOW!!! I have never been there before. Cannot believe I waited this long to go. It was delicious! Love having a wonderful place locally to go to. I am still craving the grit cakes. Anyone know how to make them? I guess I should google it. Then we walked across the street to Square Perk. It's a new coffee shop in town that's really neat. We sat & dreamed of being an extra in Footloose. They were filming across the street. I just knew if Dennis Quaid walked in I would make a scene. Thankfully he didn't walk in. We had such a wonderful night. It hit me that night that we have been friends for 30 years. Can't beat a true friendship like that!

Thursday we left for Hilton Head thanks to some special friends of ours. We got there & Sandy's parents met us in the parking lot. They helped us get upstairs & get settled.  Michala loves going there because she has her own bed. It's really perfect for her. She snuggles in & actually sleeps well when there is not a full moon, which Thursday was. It was beautiful seeing it while driving there though.

The next morning I was on the beach by 7:30. Talk about paradise! This is not the ideal trip for our family because we are not able to get everyone out on the beach & really no one in my family enjoys the beach except Mary Elizabeth. I sat on the beach taking in all the sun I could. My vitamin D level should be up a little now I hope. Closing my eyes & listening to the waves come in & cleanse my soul was so therapeutic for me. It's so peaceful & always so amazing to me that God created this for me. The hugeness of the ocean. It's so mighty & God has control over that. What an awesome reminder that He no doubt has control over me & mine. WOW!!!

We had wonderful seafood Friday & Saturday night. I read a whole book while on the beach! That's huge for me because I don't know the last time I completed a book. Mike & Marlee Anne played putt-putt both nights with stops by Starbucks to pick up a coffee treat for me.

Marlee Anne enjoyed the one on one time with us since everyone couldn't go out to the beach. There were a few times when she mentioned she wished it was different. Saturday when we had been there less than 48 hours she told me she had had enough of the beach. She asked if she had to go out with me the next morning. That girl!!! She is definitely her daddy's girl.

Mike even got some studying in while we were gone. He is so dedicated!I have to take a minute to brag on him. He is so very selfless. He had no problem at all staying in so I could enjoy time on the beach. Most of the time he remembered to feed everyone too. LOL!!! He even gave up playing golf to spend time with Marlee Anne. He took her to a shell beach our friend Jennifer told us about. 

Sunday when I got back in from the beach I packed while Mike & Marlee Anne enjoyed some ocean time with the boogie boards. When we left we drove over to Disney's Hilton Head Resort. WOW!!! WOW!!! When anyone has points to get rid of PLEASE contact us!!! It was so nice!!!

When we got off the elevator on the first floor Shadow, a beautiful red headed retriever was lying in front of his Mickey dog house. His owner Blu was playing the fiddle. Does anyone know the difference in a fiddle & a violin? Blu was very nice. Shadow was pouting because Blu had not taken him for a walk.

We enjoyed exploring the resort. Mike & Marlee Anne enjoyed one of the hammocks spread out around the property under the huge shade trees.

When we finished we headed over to Sea Pines, our future home!!! WOW!!! It is incredible. We ate at Land's End Tavern that Sandy had told us about. If you are ever there make sure to stop by to enjoy their all you can eat crab legs & shrimp for $19.95. Let's just say we got our money's worth.

We got in all the rain on the way home but made it safe & sound ready to face the world once again.

Yesterday Marlee Anne & I hosted a shower for Sandy's son Nathan's bride-to-be. It was fun planning it & we really enjoyed having everyone here. Thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law everything was clean because she cleaned while we were gone to the beach.

So you see my week was overflowing with blessings. I received so many birthday wishes & was blessed beyond measure. Thanks to everyone for being part of my blessings!

Now go count your blessings!!!


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