Wednesday, May 06, 2009

My baby girl is 7!

Wednesday, May 6th was my baby girl's 7th birthday. I cannot believe that Marlee Anne is 7. Some days she seems 27 in the way she acts. All good! All good!

Tuesday night around 10 it hit me that she could get in free at Disney World. So I thought why not. I asked Mike if he could get off work and he said no. Well that wasn't going to stop us. I thought and thought of who I could get to go with us. Leave then, drive all night, go to the park on Wednesday, spend the night and back on Thursday. I had it all planned! Well that day Mike had given me $40 for some things we needed while I was out. He said anything left from that $40 you can use for ya'll while ya'll are at Disney. He said you realize that even though Marlee Anne gets in free the rest of you have to buy tickets. He went on to remind me of gas and a place to stay. OK my voice of reason. Needless to say we are not at Disney World tonight.

She was given the choice to do whatever she wanted to do today. It's such a blessing for her not to ask for anything that I would ever say no to any way. She is really such a very sweet girl. We named some places we could go when Mike got off work. She said mom I would really like to stay at home and play games. She wanted mine and Mike's full attention. Games it was. We played the Wii and board games. It was a fun night. She got to pick what we had for supper. Easy one and we all knew she would pick Taco Bell - her favorite.

Sunday she had an amazing birthday party at Aunt Kim & Uncle Papa's. She and Uncle Papa planned the menu like always. Uncle Papa even threw in some surprises. It turned out to be a very nice day and everyone enjoyed swimming. She had a Tennessee party with a delicious orange T shaped cake. Almost everyone wore orange. She got some wonderful gifts that she was very excited about.

I was afraid today would be a let down cause she didn't get presents but Aunt Debbie and Aunt Ann gave her cards. Aunt Kim surprised her with one of her favorite eatable fruit arrangements. It was beautiful and delicious. It had scrumptious chocolate covered strawberries in there. Mackenzie came up and brought her present to her. Our sweet neighbors baked her cookies and came over to sing happy birthday.

She was thrilled with all the phone calls and birthday wishes she got too. Here is a very special birthday wish she was so very excited about from my soul sister Cyndi! Thanks so much Cyndi! Thanks so much for everyone who made her day so very special.

We love ya'll!!!
Marlee Anne and family



I cant belive she 7!seems she was just born! LOVE that family pic on the bottom CUTE!!

ktzrothzen said...

Happy Birthday!!! You have such a sweet family! How young is your little one? He is adorable as is the rest of your family. We continue prayers for all of our "families" and yours included! God Bless and Happy Belated Mother's Day!

Kelli said...

He is 15 months now.