Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Jesus!

What a glorious morning! It started around 2:00 AM with Michala beating on her new inflatable Elmo bed that Santa brought. I think it's going to take a while to teach her to sleep in it. Well actually it didn't take as long as we thought. She loves it as a bouncy toy more though.

Mike had told Marlee Anne to listen for Mary Elizabeth laughing because that would mean Santa was here. Santa must have stayed all night because Mary Elizabeth laughed all night long. Marlee Anne slept and slept.

Finally she was up and so excited to see the Leapster that Santa brought her. She was very impressed with Michala's new bed, Mary Elizabeth's umbrella for her wheelchair and her soft new blanket.

Usually we just hang out around the house but Kim's best friend was down from Michigan. Some of ya'll know Melissa who we sent cards and scrapbook pages to whose husband is in Iraq. Well we went over to Aunt Kim's and Uncle Papa's for Christmas lunch. It was such a very special time for us to get to spend time with them on Christmas day. It was a nice relaxing few moments.

Back home for my family to come over. You can never have enough time to prepare for that. Actually it all turned out wonderful and everyone acted good. Even granmama after Uncle Bryant straightened her out.

After everyone leaves Christmas night we usually start taking down the Christmas decorations. This week we have two nights with special families coming over so we decided to leave the decorations up.

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